PowerMate Motorisierte Treppensteiger-Sackkarre

Past PowerMate Trade Shows and Events

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Previous events showcasing PowerMate products and activities


PowerMate at CMPX 2018



PowerMate auf der AHR Expo2018


PowerMat at HPB Expo 2018


PowerMate at the 2018 ARA Rental Show

Herbst 2017

PowerMate at Contractor Leadership Live 2017


PowerMate at PM Expo 2017



PowerMate Trade Show ARA 2017


Herbst 2016

Stanley & PowerMate at IMHX

Proudly demonstrated by our UK distributors Stanley Handling Ltd


PowerMate TradeShow NBWA 2016



PowerMate Trade Show EASA 2016



LPM-PA061256 cta HPBAC TS 2015/02/17



LPM-PA057145 AHR 2015 TS cta 2014/06/30LPM-PA058027 HPBA 2015 TS cta 2014/06/30


Herbst 2014

LPM-PA056840 LMHOS 2014 TS cta 2014/04/02


LPI-PA058707 EGINEXPO 2014 TS cta 2014/10/29
Click here for your invitation from
PowerMate's India Distributor, MotoStair


LPM-PA057144 CIPHEX 2014 TS cta 2014/04/02


LPI-PA058707 CeMat 2014 FB cta 2014/02/17
Proudly represented by MotoStair LLP

Summer 2014

LPM-PA057096 Petroleum 2014 TS cta 2014/04/02LPM-PA058222 OFFICEXPO 2014 TS cta 2014/07/04
PowerMate demonstration by AVS Technologies PTE Ltd

LPM-PA058222 OFFICEXPO 2014 TS cta 2014/08/05
PowerMate demonstration by AVS Technologies PTE Ltd


LPM-PA055563 Work Truck 2014 TS cta 2014/01/27                 LPM-PA054579 CMPX 2014 TS cta 2013/08/08


LPM-PA056686 NAMA 2014 TS cta 2014/03/25



LPM-PA051059 AHR 2014 TS cta 2013/08/08


Herbst 2013

LPM-PA054136 Comfortech 2013 TS cta 2013/08/08


LPM-PA054342 ICUEE 2013 TS cta 2013/08/08                 LPM-PA054186 CIPHEX 2013 TS cta 2013/08/08



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