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Alle (Modelle):

L-1, LE-1, M-1, M-2B, M-2C, Pogo P-1, P-2gepunktete Linie

# 404210

Stufenverlängerung mit Matten-Montage

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Step Extension with Mat Assembly

Step Extension:


20 inch

50.80 cm


28 inch

71.12 cm

Höhe  **

6¾ Zoll

17.15 cm

   ** height can be expanded up to 9 inches

Weight: 27 lb

Mat Assembly:


44 inch

111.76 cm


28 inch

71.12 cm


1/4 inch

0.64 cm

Weight: 10 lb

Perfect for small landings and tight turns, the Step Extension with Mat Assembly can be placed at the top or bottom of a stair case to create more room and a better turning surface for maneuvering your PowerMate with its load. This accessory gives you the ability to complete even more installs and removals than ever before!





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